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Bowling ball hitting pins

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Bowling Alleys?

Do you think you know bowling? Well, we bet you probably don’t know all of these bits of bowling trivia. How Old is Bowling? According to one anthropologist, bowling may date all the way back to 3200 BC! Sir Flinders Petrie discovered objects in an Egyptian grave that are believed to be used for an […]

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Woman laughing

Why You Deserve a Night of Fun!

You know you work hard, and that’s why you deserve a night out. We probably don’t need to tell you that, but just in case here are some reason why you deserve a fun night out: Because Kids are Hard Work! No matter whether you are a parent, teacher, coach, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, taking […]

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Bowling ball hitting bowling pins

Talk the Talk: Bowling Lingo

If you want to be a better bowler, then you’ve got to talk like one! Here are a few key pieces of bowling lingo to get you started: Action – Action refers to both the spin put on the ball and the pin movement caused by the spin. Most of the time, a slow ball […]

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Closeup of bowling balls in ball return

Better Bowling Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

Practice makes perfect, but first you need to know what to work on. Check out these common bowling mistakes and bowling tips to fix them. Common Bowling Mistakes One of the biggest mistakes novice bowlers make is the chicken wing. This is a bad bowling posture where the bowler’s arm and hand curve inward at […]

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Woman about to release bowling ball

Pins and Puns: Fun Names for Bowling Teams

What’s in a name? There’s a reason people agonize over baby names, but don’t worry – choosing a name for your bowling league team isn’t quite so serious. If you’re looking for a funny name for your bowling league team, try some of these on for size. Even if you don’t see “The One,” we […]

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Bowler releasing a ball down an alley

Be a Better Bowler with Bowling Etiquette

Next time you hit the lanes, make sure you’re using the proper bowling etiquette to ensure everyone has a great time. Here are a few key bowling etiquette rules: Be Ready – Pay attention to the game and the bowling order to make sure you’re ready to take your turn when the time comes. It’s […]

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Kicking Off 2019 with the Super Bowl, Soul Bowl, & More!

2019 is here and we have been celebrating since January 1st! We have several special events happening this winter and we wanted to give you the scoop. Whether you want somewhere new and fun to watch the big game or it’s your turn to plan date night, we have something for you. Richmond 40 Upcoming Events and […]

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Bowler releasing ball down a lane

Keep Your Resolution with Bowling!

No matter whether your new year resolution was to spend more time with your family and loved ones, get in better shape, master a new technique or skill, or just to improve your game, Richmond 40 is here to help you make 2019 your best year yet! Family Time – Resolve to spend more quality […]

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A brown chicken outdoors

Get Rid of That Chicken Wing!

Despite its silly name, a bowler’s “chicken wing” is no laughing matter. Get more power and better accuracy by training yourself to avoid the dreaded chicken wing. What is a Bowler’s Chicken Wing? The “chicken wing” refers a bad bowling posture where a bowler’s hand and arm curve inward upon release of the ball (like […]

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Spend the End of 2018 With Richmond 40

Can you believe it… 2018 is almost over! And while the year flew by, it’s not quite over just yet. At Richmond 40 in Richmond, Indiana, we have a couple more big parties before we ring in the new year. If you’re ready for some of the best eats, a few games of bowling, and […]

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