Waist down shot of people standing with bowling balls at feet

So You Think You Can Bowl: 5 Tips for Bowling Strikes

Waist down shot of people standing with bowling balls at feet

So, you think you can bowl. You’ve gotten pretty comfortable on the lanes and you’re confident in hitting those pins without ending up in the gutter. But are you ready to up your game? If so, check out our tips for bowling more strikes at Richmond 40 Bowl (or at any bowling alley)!

Aim for an arrow.

While it might make sense to laser focus on the pins, you actually want to aim for one of the arrow markings on the middle of the lane. Depending on which is your dominant hand, you should aim for the second arrow from that side.

Put some curve on it.

“Straight as an arrow” is not the goal when bowling! In order to roll a strike, your best bet is to target the pocket – the sweet spot between the forward most pin and its closest neighbor on either the right or left. Putting a bit of spin on the ball will increase your odds of bowling a strike.

Use the right ball.

A heavy ball will certainly send pins flying, but we’re after a strike, not a show. A heavy ball can actually be detrimental if it sends the pins flying so high they don’t take out their neighbors on the way. Switch to a slightly lighter ball to make sure the pins hit each other instead of flying out of the way.

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