Experience Inspirational Fellowship at Soul Bowl - Richmond 40 Bowl's Monthly Special Event

Welcome to Soul Bowl, a monthly special event hosted by Richmond 40 Bowl! If you're looking for an exceptional way to connect with your fellow parishioners, enjoy heartwarming fellowship, and revel in inspirational music, then mark your calendar for an unforgettable evening of fun and camaraderie. At Soul Bowl, we bring together the joys of bowling, music, and community, creating an atmosphere of unity that warms the soul.

An Evening Like No Other:

Imagine stepping into a vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter, uplifting melodies, and the sound of bowling pins falling. Soul Bowl offers a unique experience where church groups and individuals can come together to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Held once a month on Sundays, our event is designed to accommodate the schedules of parishioners while providing a platform for spiritual growth and connection.

Event Details:

Date and Time: Our upcoming Soul Bowl events are scheduled for the following dates: April 28, 2024; May 26, 2024; June 23, 2024; July 28, 2024; August 18, 2024. The event runs from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, allowing you to enjoy three hours of unlimited bowling and fellowship.

Location: Soul Bowl takes place at the renowned Richmond 40 Bowl, conveniently located at 75 S 37th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Our venue offers a welcoming and spacious environment where you can immerse yourself in the joy of community.

Inspirational Atmosphere: We believe in the power of music and fellowship to uplift and inspire. During Soul Bowl, you'll be treated to inspirational music that resonates with the spirit of togetherness. The harmonious blend of bowling and music creates an ambiance that truly nourishes the soul.

Door Prizes and Drawings: As a token of our appreciation for your participation, we've incorporated exciting door prizes and drawings into the evening's program. It's a delightful chance to win some surprises while enjoying the company of your fellow attendees.

Affordable Pricing: For just $6 per person, you and your friends can experience the magic of Soul Bowl. Each lane accommodates up to six people, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun. Plus, all equipment is included, so you can focus on creating wonderful memories without any hassles.

Easy Reservations: Ready to secure your spot for Soul Bowl? Visit our online reservation form at https://forms.gle/EBbkwQD7JToPLfoB8 to select your preferred date and reserve a lane for your group. By making reservations in advance, you can ensure that you don't miss out on this heartwarming event.

Unleash the Power of Unity:

Soul Bowl is more than just an evening of bowling; it's a celebration of unity, faith, and the joy of coming together. Whether you're a member of a church group, an individual seeking to connect with like-minded souls, or a family looking for a meaningful Sunday activity, Soul Bowl welcomes everyone with open arms. In a world that can sometimes feel divided, Soul Bowl serves as a reminder that through fellowship, we can build bridges that span across differences.

Join Us at Soul Bowl:

At Richmond 40 Bowl's Soul Bowl event, we invite you to embrace the spirit of togetherness and create cherished memories that will resonate in your heart. Our doors are open, and the lanes are ready for an evening of laughter, music, and connection. Come be a part of something truly special. Reserve your spot today and let your soul soar with the joy of fellowship.

For inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at (765) 966-2641. We look forward to sharing the magic of Soul Bowl with you!