Work at Richmond 40 Bowl

Richmond 40 Bowl is currently accepting applications for part time counter attendants and snack bar attendants/cooks.

Brief job descriptions:

Counter Attendants are responsible for assigning bowling lanes, distributing shoes, answering phones, directing guests, and monitoring activity on the lanes.

Snack Bar Attendants are responsible for selling food and beverage to our customers. Cooks are responsible for cooking of the food.

Per Game/Per Person Rates

Monday-Friday:  Open till 5pm  |  $2.00
5pm till Closing  |  $2.50
Friday & Saturday:  5pm till Closing  |  $3.50
Saturday & Sunday:  Open till 5pm  |  $3.50

Shoe Rental: $2.95

Per Hour/Per Lane Rates

Monday-Friday:  Open till 5pm  |  $9.99
5pm till Closing  |  $12.99
Friday & Saturday:  5pm till Closing  |  $17.99
Saturday & Sunday:  Open till 5pm  |  $17.99

Shoe Rental: $2.95

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