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Make the Most of What’s Left of 2019 With These Upcoming Events in Richmond!

It’s hard to believe that we’re staring down the end of 2019, with less than two months left until 2020 arrives! They say hindsight is 20/20, but you don’t want to look back and wish you had done more in 2019. Read on to see some of our upcoming events in Richmond—your future self will […]

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The Best Warm-ups to Help You Own Your Next Bowling Game

Warm-ups are an important part of any athlete’s routine, from soccer and basketball to running and yes, even bowling. Doing warm-up exercises is important to prevent injuries and help you play your best. Rather than going from 0 to 60, warming up gently allows your muscles and joints to acclimate to the activity you’ll be […]

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Bowling Parties: Not Just for Kids!

When you’re looking to hang out and celebrate in Richmond, head to the bowling alley. At Richmond 40 Bowl, we host all kinds of events, from work outings to bowling tournaments. While “bowling party” might make you think of kids’ birthdays, you’d be surprised at how popular bowling parties are with adults, especially our late […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Bowling

Looking for a new hobby, sport, or way to meet people? Or perhaps you bowl occasionally and want to do it more often. Whatever your reasons, bowling is a great activity to add to your life! Check out some of the mental and physical benefits of bowling below, and plan your visit to Richmond 40 […]

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Secrets of Pool Hustling: How to Hustle Your Friends at Pool

While bowling is obviously the main draw here at Richmond 40 Bowl, our 11th Frame Bar & Grill is also a fun place to hang out, with darts, a jukebox, and of course, pool. If you love playing pool, you’ve probably seen a hustle or two; in fact, you may have even been the mark […]

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It’s Not Me, It’s You: When to Switch Bowling Balls

There are many factors to a great bowling game, only some of which you can control. However, if your lineups are on point, you’re taking into account any quirks of the lane, and/or your normal adjustments are just not improving your shots, it’s time to swap balls. Read on to learn when to switch bowling […]

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Don’t Miss Out on Fall Bowling Leagues – Sign Up Now!

Summer is flying by, and it’s time to register for fall bowling leagues! At Richmond 40 Bowl, we’re proud to host a wide range of bowling leagues for all ages and skill levels. Read on to learn more about our Richmond, Indiana bowling leagues or reach out for more information.  Something for everyone We host […]

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3 Tips for Understanding (and Tackling) the Mental Game of Bowling

There’s a lot more to being good at bowling than just hand-eye coordination, technique, or skill. The best bowlers also excel at the mental aspect of the game! If you’re looking for ways to improve your bowling game, check out these mental tips and tricks from the pros here at Richmond’s best bowling alley, Richmond […]

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close up of bowling balls

When Is It Time to Replace a Bowling Ball?

Whether you bowl competitively or just enjoy bowling socially, having your own bowling ball is a great idea. By having your own ball that fits your hand perfectly, you can improve your game and decrease the likelihood of injury when throwing the ball. But like anything that undergoes wear and tear, eventually you’ll need to […]

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Waist down shot of people standing with bowling balls at feet

So You Think You Can Bowl: 5 Tips for Bowling Strikes

So, you think you can bowl. You’ve gotten pretty comfortable on the lanes and you’re confident in hitting those pins without ending up in the gutter. But are you ready to up your game? If so, check out our tips for bowling more strikes at Richmond 40 Bowl (or at any bowling alley)! Aim for […]

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