Secrets of Pool Hustling: How to Hustle Your Friends at Pool

Closeup of billiard ball with man in background

While bowling is obviously the main draw here at Richmond 40 Bowl, our 11th Frame Bar & Grill is also a fun place to hang out, with darts, a jukebox, and of course, pool. If you love playing pool, you’ve probably seen a hustle or two; in fact, you may have even been the mark yourself. Take a look at these pro tips for pool hustling and see if you recognize any of them! 

You’re a hustler, baby.

You can’t hustle pool without having your pool skills down! Practicing regularly is the best way to ensure your skills are up to par. Once you’re confident with a cue, your hustle will be more likely to work. 

If you’re not familiar with hustling, it’s a scam or “confidence trick” in which someone pretends to be bad at a sport or game in order to lull their mark into a false sense of security. Once they think you’re easy to beat, the goal is to get them to make a bet with you. That’s when you suddenly turn on those skills you’ve been polishing to win the game and the bet. (Just remember to try at your own risk – preferably with a friend who will be goodnatured about their loss!) 

Set up their wins. 

If you miss easy shots, your mark is going to catch on very quickly. Instead, use your shots to “accidentally” set them up to make a shot on their turn. They’ll want to believe in their own skills and this approach will help them feel like they’re “earning” those wins. If you let them win by too much, they may become suspicious. 

Of course, hustling isn’t for everyone! You’re always welcome at our bowling alley and sports bar in Richmond, IN.