Bowling Parties: Not Just for Kids!

Photo of woman laughing with birthday balloon and confetti

When you’re looking to hang out and celebrate in Richmond, head to the bowling alley. At Richmond 40 Bowl, we host all kinds of events, from work outings to bowling tournaments. While “bowling party” might make you think of kids’ birthdays, you’d be surprised at how popular bowling parties are with adults, especially our late night cosmic bowling sessions!

Read on for some adult bowling party inspiration, and make your reservation online

Bowling Parties for Adults

Night Out with Friends

It’s so important to make time for connecting with friends! Just like romantic relationships take work, friendships also require a commitment to spending time together. Bowling is a great option for a guys/girls night out because everyone can  relax, engage in some friendly competition, and enjoy great food and drinks from 11th Frame Bar & Grill, our in-house pub that serves up crowd-pleasing appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more. 11th Frame also features pool, darts, and a jukebox to keep everyone entertained.  

Bachelor Parties / Bachelorette Parties 

Speaking of a night out with friends, bowling is a great activity for a bachelor/bachelorette party or weekend! If you’re planning a special night for your engaged friends, a bowling party is the perfect way to get the evening started on a high note. Make sure the bride- or groom-to-be feels extra special with a sash, crown, or balloons to set them apart. We’ve even seen groups get T-shirts made to commemorate their bachelor party shenanigans! 

Corporate Events

Bowling is a perfect option for corporate events, whether you’re planning a small get-together or a company-wide blow-out. Some of the corporate events we host here include: 

  • Team building outings (They’re worth it—really!
  • Happy hours
  • Office holiday parties
  • Company picnic/family-inclusive company parties
  • Retirement parties

Holiday Parties and Gatherings

Why bother with all the work of cleaning, cooking, or hiring caterers and bartenders to host a party at home when you could leave the details to us? There are so many possibilities for bowling holiday parties, like: 

  • Halloween – Invite your best fiends to dress up and celebrate at the bowling alley. Opt for cosmic bowling for extra Halloween points. Bonus: You can orchestrate a group costume as characters from The Big Lebowski!
  • Winter Holidays – The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is packed with social obligations for most people. Want to throw a holiday party they’ll actually want to attend? Opt for bowling in your favorite tacky Christmas (or Hanukkah/Kwaanza/Festivus) sweater. 
  • Valentine’s Day – Why battle for dinner reservations just to pay out the nose for a prix fixe menu? Do something creative for Valentine’s Day and plan a bowling date with your special someone, or invite some other couples to join you for a double or triple date.