It’s Not Me, It’s You: When to Switch Bowling Balls

Bowling ball return

There are many factors to a great bowling game, only some of which you can control. However, if your lineups are on point, you’re taking into account any quirks of the lane, and/or your normal adjustments are just not improving your shots, it’s time to swap balls. Read on to learn when to switch bowling balls from the pros at Richmond 40 Bowl. 

3 Signs You Should Change Bowling Balls

  • You’re leaving corner pins even on good hits. If you’re making good hits but the corner pins are still standing, your ball may not be entering the pocket at the right angle or velocity. Changing balls but keeping your approach the same can help you overcome this. 
  • The lane conditions have changed. Always remember that the lane is not static during a game of bowling; the oil on the lane is continually being dispersed along the length and width of the lane depending on the trajectory of your shot. Changing to the right bowling ball can help you respond to evolving environmental conditions. 
  • Your shots are hooking too soon or too late. As the oil disperses and wears away during a game, you can start to see some overreaction in your hooks. If your shot is missing outside with too much hook, you need to change balls to address it. Same goes for shots missing on the inside with inadequate hooking. Just remember, if you switch balls you should keep playing the same part of the lane where you know the reaction. 

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