Don’t Drop the Ball! Tips for Picking Up Your Bowling Game

Woman sitting on bowling alley floor with bowling ball

Have you ever gone to take your turn at bowling only to drop the ball before the foul line? While you might feel embarrassed, don’t worry—you’re not alone! You aren’t the first person to accidentally drop your bowling ball before you meant to, nor will you be the last.

Whether you’re new to bowling or just haven’t played in a while and are feeling a little rusty, these tips will help you improve your bowling grip and avoid dropping the ball before the foul line.  

How to Improve Your Bowling Grip and Avoid Dropping the Ball

Always follow through! One of the most common reasons novice bowlers drop the ball is due to a lack of follow through on the forward swing. If you decelerate your arm before you’ve reached a high enough release position, you may end up throwing your ball right at the floor. 

Check your thumb grip.

Whether you’re using a bowling alley ball or your own, it’s important to make sure that the fit of the thumb hole is snug. That may mean trying out a few different balls, or if you own your own bowling ball, you can visit our pro shop for some advice. We’re more than happy to check the fit of your bowling ball and advise you on the best ball for your individual needs.
A thumb hole that is too large puts added stress on your hand as you have to squeeze the ball to maintain your grip. That’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to your delivery, aka the timing of the release of your ball. You can actually adjust the fit a smidge by adding bowling tape to make the hole smaller. 

Practice your delivery.

Sure you’ve heard it before, but practice really does make perfect. The more you bowl, the better you’ll be. Fortunately, we’re here whenever you want to practice bowling in Richmond, Indiana. We offer a ton of great bowling specials and events so you can save money, have fun, and improve your bowling game.

Check your posture.

Take note of where your feet are positioned when completing a throw. The foot you slide with should be within 6 inches of the foul line. If you’re stopping further back, you’ll need to move your starting position a little closer or consider lengthening your strides on the approach. Pay attention to the more skilled bowlers around you, and watch some videos to see the proper bowling techniques in action.  

Do you want to continue improving your bowling game, make friends, and have a blast? If so, consider joining one of our Richmond bowling leagues. Regular bowling and a little friendly competition can do wonders for your game!