Bowling Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Now that you’re up to date on league bowling and basic bowling tips, let’s look at bowling center etiquette! These simple dos and don’ts will help keep you from stepping on any toes (literally!) next time you go bowling at Richmond 40 Bowl.bowling etiquette

Dos of Bowling

  • Return equipment promptly and to the correct place when you finish bowling. Not only will this make everything quicker for the people bowling after you, but it will save you late fees.
  • Pay attention! While bowling is a fun social activity, and we encourage chatting with your team, make sure you’re ready when it’s your turn to bowl. You don’t want to keep everyone else waiting for you.
  • Remember to yield the right of way. If two bowlers on adjacent lanes are simultaneously ready to bowl, the bowler on the right should go first. The other player should hang back or to the side so nobody gets confused.
  • Wear socks with your bowling shoes! This should be self-explanatory. You definitely don’t want blisters or stinky feet.

Don’ts of Bowling

  • A little friendly chatter is fine, but don’t overdo the smack talk. Most bowling alleys are family-friendly, and even in adults-only spaces, we should all strive for sportsmanlike behavior. Respect other competitors and have fun without shouting or jeering.
  • Try not to crowd the lane. Don’t linger at the foul line or stay on the approach before or after your turn. There’s plenty of space back at the chairs.

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your fellow bowlers or the staff at Richmond 40 Bowl!