Bowling Leagues 101

By now you’ve probably heard us talk about league bowling here at Richmond 40 Bowl, and with good reason–league bowling is fun, inexpensive, and popular! If you don’t know what it is, it can seem a little intimidating, so we’ve put together Bowling Leagues 101.bowling ball

  • Do I Have to be Really Good? No! League bowling is a great way to work on your game and have fun. Don’t think you have to be great already–average league members bowl well under 200, usually closer to 100. We even have a Bad Bowler’s League just for fun!
  • What Types of Leagues Are There? In a mixed league, teams have both men and women playing together. A scratch league is for more serious play and doesn’t include handicaps. There are also youth leagues, senior leagues, leagues for different days of the week, leagues for charity, even leagues for cosplay and hobbies. Basically, whatever your interest, there’s probably a league for you!
  • How Do I Join? League advertisements will have contact information on them. Keep an eye on our website for more details.
  • What’s a Handicap? A handicap is a designated percentage of the difference between your average score and the league-designated score. You add the resulting number to your score at the end of a game.
  • How Long Does It Take? League play typically goes for three games per meeting, which means about two and a half hours. Leagues can run for anywhere from a couple of weeks to an entire year or longer.

Of course, the best way to learn about league bowling is to join a league. Try out Richmond 40 Bowl’s Bad Bowler’s League for beginners, which begins October 24th!