Youth Bowling League Open House

Do your kids need a hobby? Something fun and social that will teach them new skills and give them new opportunities? Do they love bowling (or want to)? You won’t want to miss our Youth Bowling League open house on Saturday, September 10th.

Youth Bowling Open House

siblingsKids and their parents are invited to explore our facilities, get to know people, and learn more about our youth bowling program. We’ll have snacks, gear, and opportunities to bowl while your kids find that perfect bowling program for their age and skill level. Not sure if your kid needs a new bowling ball? Visit the Pro Shop for a free grip analysis, and test out Motive’s thumb and finger hole inserts to customize kids’ grips. It’s $20, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a $20 coupon for a Motive bowling ball if you try a personalized grip. Youth bowling leagues start Saturday, September 24 at 9am.

Bowling Scholarships

Richmond 40 Bowl wants to invest in your child’s future. We’re giving away over $1500 in scholarships this fall. When your child joins a youth bowling team, we’ll track his or her stats and skills. At the end of the season, we host one big tournament for the kids. Not only do we pay out college scholarships to the top 5 spots in the tournament, but we also award bowling scholarships to kids with the highest average, highest series, and most improved bowling during the season.

Get ready to bowl! Mark your calendars for our Youth Bowling Open House on Saturday, September 10th from 9am-noon. To learn more about youth bowling in Richmond, IN, call Richmond 40 Bowl.

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