What’s The Point Of Bowling Shoes?

Having the correct bowling shoes is important whether you’re a total newbie or seasoned professional. So before you hit the lanes, it’s important to have bowling shoes on your feet because they offer all kinds of benefits including comfort and stability while bowling. So what’s the point of bowling shoes? Keep reading to find out why you have to wear bowling shoes to bowl!

Bowling Shoes Protect The Lanes

When someone wears regular shoes to bowl, they risk causing damage to the lane. They can leave stains and marks on the floor from outside debris, leaving the bowling alley with a costly bill to repair the floor.

Bowling Shoes Help You Avoid Accidents

If you’re a newbie to bowling, it isn’t completely unheard of to roll their ankles or injure their knees when you wear your regular shoes to bowl. Wearing bowling shoes that are specifically designed for the slickness of the lane can help you avoid injuries by giving you the extra traction and support you need while bowling.

Bowling Shoes Allow You To Move More Freely

You may not think about this, but how you move on the bowling lane can have a big impact on your game. Bringing in outside shoes that may stick to the floor can impact your game. Bowling shoes are designed specifically to help you move more freely on the lane.

Bowling Shoes Can Help You Get A Higher Score

Who doesn’t want a higher score? Whether you’re playing with friends for fun or playing for sport, everyone loves a good competition and wants to see how high of a score they can get! Because bowling shoes allow you to move more freely and hold your balance, they will help you have a more consistent roll with each turn.

Bowling Shoes Help You Get Your Game Face On

Walk the walk and talk the talk with your bowling shoes on! When you look like a pro, you feel like a pro which may lead you to a better round of bowling!
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