What’s The Deal With Bowling Shoes?

Even if you’ve only been bowling once in your life, you know you’ll need to use a number of bowling accessories from the bowling alley. You need to rent or bring your own bowling ball and put on some super fashionable bowling shoes. Most bowling alleys provide the shoes when you pay for a game, and most serious bowlers have their own and bring them. Regardless whether you rent or own your own, you aren’t allowed to wear your street shoes while you bowl!

Have you ever stopped and wondered why bowling alleys make you wear specific bowling shoes? Keep reading, we have the answers for you!

Bowling shoes affect how you move

The soles of bowling shoes are just like the bowling lanes, they are both super slick. Wearing slick shoes helps you slide while you’re bowling. It enables you to have a smoother motion while shooting the ball. The soles of bowling shoes are super slick, but the heels of the shoes are typically made of rubber. The heels help you stop sliding after you throw your ball. Without the heels stopping bowlers, they may just keep sliding until they fall over!

Bowling shoes protect the lanes

Bowling shoes help keep bowling lanes in top condition. If you could bowl in your street shoes, the lanes would be coated in dirt, grass, salt, water, and all the other debris. It allows for much more of a controlled environment on the lanes.

Is it time to buy your own bowling shoes?

If you bowl frequently, it may be time to purchase your own pair of bowling shoes. This gives you the option to find a pair you truly feel comfortable in. You can also customize your shoes to take your bowling to the next level!
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