What To Pack In Your Bowling Bag

If you’re new to bowling or new to having a bowling bag, you may be wondering what you should keep in your bowling bag. We gathered a list of 6 things you should keep in your bowling bag at all times:

  1. Bowling Tape

Bowling tape is a space filler when the bowling ball gripping holes become loose. You can find tap in textured and smooth surfaces and help you in maintaining a good grip on the ball so you can make the best shots.

  1. Bowling Towel

A bowling towel can serve multiple purposes. They help you keep your bowling hand dry if you perspire. Towels can also allow you to clean dirt or lane oil off your ball.

  1. Bowling Ball Cleaner and Polish

A bowling ball cleaner helps in keeping your ball surface clean during competition. Polish can help refresh the surface after any bowling session and help you control ball skid distance on dry lanes.

  1. Grip Sack

Using a resin bag or grip sack is another way to keep your bowling hand dry if you perspire. It keeps your hand dry and allows you to make consistent shots.

  1. Grit Pads

These pads allow you to restore the given surface texture to your bowling ball to prepare for a game.

  1. Skin Protection

The use of skin protection will seal the areas of your bowling fingers which can become irritated from constantly having your fingers in a bowling ball. Skin protectants help you avoid worsening of the problems and allow you to continue bowling.

We hope these tips help you stay prepared for each and every time you bowl!