Pins, Splits, Turkeys

Are you looking to take your bowling game to the next level? If so, you’ll need to understand the scoring system. From perfect games to splits and turkeys, the ability to accurately track your bowling score is essential if you want to improve your technique. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the basics of bowling scoring, including positioning your grip, different releases, and finger holes. Get ready to knock down those pins and join us as we explore the art of bowling scoring.

Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are the targets that must be knocked down by a bowler in order to score points. A bowler is awarded 1 point for every pin knocked down, with a perfect game consisting of 300 points. When all 10 pins are knocked down with the first ball, it is called a strike and the bowler is awarded 10 points plus any points earned from their next two rolls. If some pins remain standing after the first roll, the bowler will have one or two more rolls to attempt to knock down the remaining pins. The number of pins knocked down in a frame is referred to as the “pins” score. Each frame is totaled up at the end of each round, and the highest total of pins knocked down in 10 frames is what determines the bowling points scored by the player.

Splits In Bowling

A split in bowling occurs when a bowler has two pins left standing that are separated by at least one empty pin slot. Hitting a split can be tricky and requires the bowler to have proper positioning with their grip and release in order to achieve it. When positioning your grip for a split, you should aim to place your thumb slightly above the midpoint of the bowling ball and position your index finger at an angle to the right of the thumb. It is also important to adjust your release to achieve the desired angle when making a split. It is an advanced technique, but can be rewarding if done correctly.

Turkeys In Bowling

A turkey in bowling is when a bowler knocks down three consecutive strikes. To score a turkey, you need to position your grip correctly. The correct grip involves keeping the bowling ball close to your body with your fingers spread out evenly over the holes. Different releases can also be used to make a turkey, such as a power release or an arch release. No matter the type of release, if you land three strikes in a row you’ll earn yourself a perfect game and a lot of bowling points!

The Perfect Bowling Game

Achieving the perfect game in bowling is a feat of skill and a dream come true for many bowlers. A perfect game is a score of 300, achieved by rolling 12 strikes in a row. To achieve a perfect game, you must have control over your ball and its release. With the right grip, your fingers should be in the proper holes, and your thumb should be placed in the center. Then, as you move your arm forward, you must aim at the pins, release the ball and rotate your wrist to give it an extra spin. Your follow-through should be smooth and easy. Once you master these fundamentals, you can strive to achieve a perfect game of bowling and receive 300 bowling points!