Woman about to release bowling ball

Pins and Puns: Fun Names for Bowling Teams

What’s in a name? There’s a reason people agonize over baby names, but don’t worry – choosing a name for your bowling league team isn’t quite so serious.

If you’re looking for a funny name for your bowling league team, try some of these on for size. Even if you don’t see “The One,” we hope these will give you a chuckle and maybe even get the creative juices flowing.

Woman about to release bowling ballFilm buff? Then try giving these cinematic team names a go:

    • Pinnywise and the It Crowd
    • Pinheads
    • Snakes on a Lane
    • Peter Pin
    • Kingpins
    • A-PIN-calypse Now
    • Lord of the Pins

If you always have a song in your head, these music-inspired names might be just right for you:

    • The Bowling Stones
    • Livin’ on a Spare
    • Pinny Lane
    • Like a Spare
    • It’s Rainin’ Pins
    • Britney Spares

Of course, you don’t have to be inspired by a song or film. Check out these funny names with puns about all kinds of different topics:

    • Split Happens
    • Spare Change
    • Alley-lujah
    • Bowl with the Punches
    • Pin Pals
    • Gutter Humiliation
    • Bowlder Dash
    • Crime and Pinishment
    • No Pin Intended
    • Holy Rollers
    • Body By Bowl
    • Lounge Lizards

Once you and your buddies have your name picked out, sign up for our Richmond bowling league! If you’re not quite ready for league play, then get up to speed with our Richmond bowling lessons or test the waters on one of our upcoming Richmond bowling tournaments! Contact us today at (765) 966-2641 for more info about our leagues, lessons, and tournaments.