Pandemic-Proof Birthday Party Ideas to Help You Celebrate While Social Distancing

Colorful birthday donuts

It has been a stressful few months for everyone, and in addition to mourning loved ones lost to COVID-19, people are also mourning the loss of special moments and important milestones. While not nearly as important in the scheme of things, it’s still painful for all those whose graduations, weddings, and special events have had to be cancelled. Even something as run-of-the-mill as birthday cake at home with family or friends has come to mean so much more than before the pandemic. Who would have thought we’d ever miss a fist bump, high five, or hug this much?
While the end of most of the coronavirus restrictions is finally in sight, we still have a while to go until phase 4 of Indiana’s reopening goes into effect. If you or a loved one has a birthday coming up, check out these social distancing birthday party ideas for a pandemic-proof celebration!

Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas

Party in the Zoom Room

Google Hangouts, Skype, Houseparty…Whatever your video conferencing app of choice happens to be, you can use it to organize an awesome online birthday party! If you’re planning the party, surprise the birthday person with an evening of their favorite people. You can invite everyone to get online and hang out at the same time, or schedule it so each person calling in gets 5 or 10 minutes to talk to the guest of honor. Ask friends and family to prepare a speech, sign, toast, song, or even a dance to say “Happy birthday!”

Birthday Surprise Auction

For an extra special celebration, orchestrate a birthday surprise “silent auction” among friends and family. Come up with some ideas, like filling an entire room with balloons, takeout from the birthday person’s favorite restaurant, cake and ice cream, etc. and allow people to choose which part of the surprise they want to chip in on. Once they venmo you the funds to execute each part of the surprise, it’s time to get to work. Be sure to include the names of all of the gift givers so the birthday person knows who to thank! If you don’t need help funding the birthday surprises, ask people to instead make a donation to the birthday person’s favorite charity in their name. They’ll not only get a kick out of all the fun surprises, but also be touched by the heartwarming gesture on behalf of a cause they care about. 

Social Distancing Parade

Another social distancing birthday idea that has been catching on is the birthday parade. Simply put a call out to the people you want to attend letting them know the date and time. Head out to the front porch or balcony and watch as your loved ones create a (socially distanced) procession. Check out some examples of other people’s quarantine parades for ideas, like painting messages on the vehicle, holding up signs, playing music, etc.  Of course, once it’s safe to gather in public again, who says you can’t have birthday party part 2?