Oops! Avoid These Common Bowling Mistakes

If you’re bowling regularly but still find your score isn’t as high as you’d like, you may be making one (or more) of these common bowling mistakes. We see these pretty regularly at Richmond 40 Bowl, and they can really mess up your game. Next time you get frustrated about the pins that you just aren’t knocking over, take a minute to check on some things:

  • Your stance should be straight. You should be swinging your arm back and forth evenly, like a pendulum. That means holding the ball to the side of your body, not in the middle of your chest. It also means you should be pointing straight to your target on the pushaway.
  • Are you drifting? Do your feet end on the same floorboard that they started on? If that’s not the case, no wonder you’re not hitting anything. The best stance in the world won’t help you if you start and end on different sides of the lane.
  • How fast are you going? There’s no need to speed through the approach and delivery. Take a deep breath and make your movements deliberate for maximum control.
  • Don’t throw things! Rather than rolling the ball, some bowlers toss it. If your ball is landing with a loud thunk, or if it’s landing three or more feet from the foul line, you’re losing control. Make sure that you’re not releasing too late–that’s usually what causes both problems.

Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect: perfect practice makes perfect. If you’re not sure if you’re making these mistakes, don’t hesitate to ask! Your friends, your teammates in a bowling league, or the staff here at Richmond 40 Bowl can help you catch mistakes.