Keeping Busy Indoors: 3 Ways to Fend Off Cabin Fever

Kids drinking out of mugs in pjs

By now, the novelty of distance learning and working from home have mostly worn off, and families all over Indiana, the U.S. and around the world are feeling the stress of being in close quarters at home all the time. Indiana schools are closed through the end of the academic year, so it’s important to find ways to keep your family occupied during the stay at home order due to the coronavirus pandemic

While we miss seeing all of you on the lanes here at Richmond 40 Bowl, we are temporarily closed in the interest of public health, and our thoughts are with everyone who is struggling right now. Until it’s safe to re-open the bowling alley and meet up with friends in person, we hope these at-home activities will help you and your kids stave off cabin fever and maybe, just maybe, actually have some fun. 

At-Home Activities to Try with Your Family

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

To keep screen time in check and avoid feeling like couch potatoes, make it extra special by having a nightly “screening” in your living room! Pop some popcorn, make some cocoa, put on some comfy pjs, and enjoy watching a movie together as a family. 

Breaking the day up into sections can help too. For instance, you can have an afternoon reading hour where everyone reads together on a blanket in the yard, sitting on the porch, etc. The novelty and structure may help to keep things fresh and preserve a sense of “normal” scheduling. 

Travel the world from your computer with virtual field trips.

Museums, theaters, zoos, national parks, and other cultural institutions are stepping up with incredible—and mostly free—resources that are sure to educate and entertain your kids. You might even learn something, too! These are just a few of the options to check out:

Stay active, safely!

While it’s still acceptable to go outside for walks, hikes, or runs while maintaining social distancing of 6 feet or more, you definitely don’t want to be at a crowded park. Playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. are also closed to prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus, so you’ve got to find some other way to help your kids burn off excess energy. Fortunately, there are lots of options, like: 

  • Pushing your living room furniture against the walls to make a “yoga studio” and practicing daily yoga courtesy of YouTube
  • Holding a family field day in the backyard. Toss bean bags, hold relay races, play hopscotch, and all of the other simple-yet-fun activities you remember from grade school. 
  • Hula hooping!
  • Playing a dance video game like Dance Dance Revolution.

Want to support your favorite locally-owned businesses despite being stuck at home? Buying gift cards is a great way to help out while also giving you something to look forward to. Buy now and play later! Thanks for your support and we hope to see you again soon.