How to Get (And Keep) Your Kids Interested in Bowling

Close up of bowling balls in ball return

Did you know that over 70 million Americans bowl each year? You don’t have to convince most adults, teens, or older kids that bowling is fun, but when it comes to little ones, keeping their attention can be a challenge no matter what activity you’re doing.

If you’re trying to get your young children interested in bowling and enjoy more family nights at the bowling alley, these tips and tricks are for you. Visit us at Richmond 40 Bowl for an open bowling session and see how much fun you can have with your junior bowlers!

How to Keep Kids Interested in Bowling

Take Advantage of Kid-Friendly Bumper Bowling Lanes

It can be really frustrating to throw gutterball after gutterball, so one way to keep little kids engaged in the game is to request one of our bumper lanes. The kids’ balls will stay out of the gutters, while older, more experienced players can lower the bumpers for their turns. 

Focus on Fun and Creativity, Not Competition

Young kids get frustrated easily, so it can be helpful to focus on the fun and creative possibilities of bowling rather than competing against each other (especially since little ones are competing at a disadvantage anyway). Encourage your child to try different ways of throwing the ball: One-handed, two-handed, “Granny style”, or even backwards. Just make sure they’re doing so safely and following all bowling alley rules and etiquette so as not to injure themselves or anyone else.   

Help Your Kids Hone Their Skills with Lessons or Leagues

Once your child gets a little older and more confident in their ability to bowl, encourage them to keep developing their skills by enrolling them in our bowling classes or one of our youth bowling leagues

Let the Good Times Roll with Bowling Birthday Parties

Another great way to get and keep your kids interested in bowling is to enlist their friends into the hobby as well. And what better way than by throwing a bowling birthday party? We make birthday parties easy with packages to fit your group size and preferences. Whether you go classic or opt for a cosmic bowling party, your kids will love it—and let’s be honest, so will the parents!

Our Richmond, Indiana bowling alley has small bowling shoe sizes and lightweight bowling balls available, so your little ones don’t have to miss out on the fun! Join us whenever you’re looking for a fun outing with your family, friends, or coworkers and have a ball.