How Has Bowling Evolved Over The Years?

Bowling has mainly evolved in 3 main ways:

  1. Score Keeping

When it comes to scoring a game, it may seem crazy that scoring by hand actually ended only about 20 or so years ago across the US. Now, all we have to do is simply put the names in and watch the screens for the scores!

  1. Bowling Ball Advancements

Bowling balls were black and made of polyester. As technology advanced throughout the years, more options became available. In the 1990s, resin stepped on the scene and still remains supreme today with all different colors of bowling balls.

  1. Pins And Resetting

Back in the day, pinboys used to reset the pins after each bowl. Automatic pinsetters didn’t step on the scene until about 1957, and even then not every bowling alley immediately got them. Could you imagine waiting on someone to reset the pins after each bowl? It seems unimaginable. Now we enjoy technology that quickly resets the pins so we can get back to the game!

Bowling has become much more high tech and has majorly advanced throughout the years! While the sport hasn’t changed, bowling alleys definitely have! We now have awesome cosmic bowling, fun music, televisions, and so much more that weren’t around in bowling alleys at the beginning of the sport. 

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