Halloween Costume Ideas For Every Occasion

The signs of spooky season are everywhere you look – jack-o-lanterns on every doorstep, candy piled high on store shelves, and an unusual abundance of ghouls and ghosts. When it’s time to choose your own Halloween costume, the options can be overwhelming! There are lots of factors to take into consideration – how many people are in your group, how soon the celebration is starting, budget, and artistic ability are all concerns when deciding on what costume is right for you! Don’t let decision paralysis ruin your fun – try one of these halloween costume ideas for your next spooky celebration!

Pop Culture Costumes

After almost 2 years of spending way more time at home than usual, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all watched and played more than our fair share of tv shows, movies, tik-toks, and video games. Make all that screen time work for you when brainstorming a halloween costume! Last year’s Halloween celebrations saw dozens of Tiger King impersonators and Among Us characters, and this year will draw on pop culture references once again to inspire creative costumes! Channel your inner 19th century noble for a Bridgerton inspired costume, combining a tiara, an empire waist dress, and elbow length gloves. If athleisure is more your style, a green track suit and tennis shoes make a quick and recognizable Squid Game costume. If high fashion is your favorite, try recreating a dramatic red carpet look from this year’s Met Gala! And if you’re trying to make an impression with a funny costume, 2021 has given us no shortage of meme-able moments that are sure to get a big laugh at any costume party.

Classic Halloween Costumes

Some Halloween costumes are so classic that they’re instantly recognizable year after year. Vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves….these go-to get-ups are always a hit! If you’re trying to take them to the next level, turn to YouTube for  tutorials on top notch makeup and hair to transform your look from drab to dramatic! Try a vampy vampire glam look, test your special effects skills with gory zombie makeup, or master the art of hair with a Bride of Frankenstein inspired ‘do! With a little extra effort, no one will dare say your look is #basic this Halloween!

Family/Group Halloween Costumes

Choosing a costume for one person is hard, but trying to collaborate on a group costume can seem impossible! Whether it’s a group of pals or your entire family trying to agree on a look, the key to a good group costume is making sure everyone feels included and comfortable with whatever you decide. If you’re dressing up with young children, take inspiration from their favorite tv series – we love this Bluey inspired look that could easily be adapted for the whole family! If older movies are more your speed, films like the Wizard of Oz and Star Wars offer plenty of characters for a group costume. And regardless of who makes up your Halloween crew, the Golden Girls are always a crowd pleaser when dressing up a group of 4 – and you may even be able to find those costume pieces for free by raiding your relatives’ closets!

Whether you’re trying to snag the top prize in the costume contest or just make a splash with your elaborate look, there’s a halloween costume for every vibe and budget – all it takes to create it is a little imagination, ingenuity, and inspiration! Happy Halloween!