Fun New Ways to Spend Time With Family This Holiday Season

Family time is one of the best parts of the holidays – decorating a tree, cooking a big meal together, and watching fireworks to celebrate the new year are all things we cherish when the most wonderful time of the year rolls around. This year, we’re giving you a few more ideas for how to make the holiday season extra special for you and your family.

Family smiles together on a Christmas tree farm

Secret Santa

This classic game is always a hit at holiday office parties and big family gatherings, but why not make it a small family activity as well? Instead of each person getting the whole family a gift, draw names and allow your secret santas to focus on one special gift for one of their family members. This puts a lot less stress on trying to get everyone a gift, and allows their secret santa to get them something really nice and personalized!

Volunteer in the Community

Start a tradition of compassion and care for your community by taking time during the holidays to volunteer for a non-profit. Go shopping for a community giving tree, feed the community a warm meal on Christmas day, or donate blankets, jackets, and warm socks to give to those in need during the wintertime. This way, you can enjoy time spent with your family while helping out your neighbors as well!

Plan a Holiday Field Day

A great way to enjoy the weather during the holidays is by hosting a family field day. If it’s snowy, try spending your day ice skating, skiing, and sledding with your loved ones. If you’re more drawn to indoor activities, you can go bowling, roller skating, or have a game night instead. As an added bonus, invite other families in your neighborhood to enjoy with their families as well!

Whatever ways you decide to celebrate this year, Richmond 40 is here to support all the family fun and holiday cheer!