Don’t Break the Bank this Valentine’s Day!

February 14th will be here before we know it! If you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably excited, but the expensive nature of this holiday coming right on top of the December spend-a-thon might give you pause. After all, the average person spends almost $140 on Valentine’s Day alone! That’s why we put together a list of budget-friendly ideas for this special day.

Reserve a lane for the two of you at Richmond 40 Bowl! Bowling is a unique and fun way for the two of you to spend time together. On the other hand, if your relationship is a bit newer and you’d rather make it a double or even triple date, bowling works for that too! Check out our Valentine’s Day special.

Skip the restaurant and stay in for a game night for two! Find some new board or card games to learn together, or re-learn some classic games like checkers, Uno, Scrabble, or even chess. A little bit of friendly competition will make the evening exciting, and who knows what rewards the winner will get? If you’d like to get out of the house, hunt down a place with arcade games for some retro fun.

Visit a museum to enjoy the romantic beauty of fine art. Many museums offer discounted admission based on where you live, work, or bank; check with your local museums to find out what applies to you. A day or evening spent wandering the halls of beautiful artwork will give you something to connect over.

We can’t wait to see you and your date at Richmond 40 Bowl this Valentine’s Day!