Cure Your Winter Blues By Mastering These Bowling Skills

Does winter make you feel down? We may have the cure to your winter blues. If you’re looking for a fun family activity to do in Richmond, Indiana come by and see us at Richmond 40 Bowl

Want to take advantage of the winter season and master your bowling skills? We have main 3 steps for you to become an amazing bowler:

  1. Pick the right bowling ball.

It all starts with picking the right bowling ball. It’s important to pick a bowling ball that feels heavy, but isn’t so heavy that you struggle to roll it and makes you feel like you had an intense arm workout the next day. You want your throw to feel effortless, but not so easy that you throw the ball into something or into another lane. Trust us, it does happen sometimes! The last important factor when it comes to your bowling ball is finger holes. Your fingers should feel snug in them, but not so snug that your thumb pops out on your release instead of smoothly exiting the ball.

  1. Pay attention to the lane markings.

The lane markings have three purposes to help you perfect your stance, approach, and throw. It’s a little bit of trial and error on the best place to stand, because everyone’s perfect stance is different. So pay attention to the lane markings and once you find your spot, be consistent for every ball you throw.

  1. Throw the ball correctly.

Last but not least, it’s time to throw the ball. You’ll want to hold the ball roughly at your waist with your elbow tucked into your side, while cradling the ball and use your non-bowling hand to support it from the bottom. Choose your target before you begin your approach, take careful steps, and swing your arm straight back like a pendulum. When you release the ball, your thumb should leave first and your fingers will follow. Pro tip: Your wrist and hand should stay as is through your release to follow through!

You’re probably asking yourself now that you know all of this information, when can you expect to become a pro bowler? Well if you only go bowling once per year, it may take you a few years to see improvements. However, the more time you spend with us at Richmond 40 Bowl, the more chances you have to become a better bowler! 

If these steps sound too overwhelming to master on your own, join us for bowling lessons!