Celebrate Any Age At Richmond 40 Bowl

Turning another year older is cause for a celebration at any age! Birthday parties aren’t just for kids. It’s a time to have fun, relax, and enjoy time with your friends and family who are there to celebrate your next trip around the sun.

At Richmond 40 Bowl, we offer kid’s birthday party packages, cosmic party packages perfect for preteens and teenagers, and adult party packages! Any age is the perfect age to celebrate with us here.

So how can you make your bowling birthday party at Richmond 40 even more fun? Here’s what we suggest:

Pick the perfect theme!

Make your bowling party a themed party. Send out invites along with the theme and even have your friends come dressed up as the theme. This is where you can really personalize your party to you and what you enjoy! It’ll make for a night you won’t forget – and great pictures too!

Don’t forget decor!

Bring some decor to spice up your party table(s) and go along with the theme! Your friends will love that you went the extra mile for your birthday party. Decor that can double as props for pictures is a huge bonus too!

Let them eat cake!

As if we needed to remind you about this one, but don’t forget the cake and candles! It’s arguably the most important part of a birthday!

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your next birthday party in Richmond, Indiana, checkout our packages at Richmond 40 Bowl! We’d love to celebrate your special day with you.