Bowling Should Be Fun, Not Painful!

Nothing will ruin your day and throw you off your bowling game like getting injured! Here at Richmond 40 Bowl we hate seeing people getting hurt, so check out our tips to prevent some of the most common bowling injuries.

woman with arm injuryFirst of all, remember the basic safety rules. Your bowling shoes should be clean, dry, and well-fitted, and should always be laced and tied securely. Remember that bowling balls are heavy, so when carrying your ball, make sure you’re lifting with your legs, not your back, and with your arms rather than your fingers. Also, make sure you’re using the right size ball for you.

The main injuries sustained by bowlers include rupturing of the Achilles tendon, Bowler’s Tendonitis, thumb sprains, and shoulder or low back injuries. In most of these cases, the answer lies in staying active, stretching properly before you start bowling, and following the basic safety rules above. You’ll especially want to be careful with your lower back, which can get a lot of strain.

To prevent most injuries, make sure you warm up appropriately. Stretch the muscles you most commonly use in bowling: shoulders, hamstrings, and quads. Ten or fifteen minutes of light cardio will help to warm up your muscles and make them more receptive to being exercised.

Remember, if you feel pain or straining while you’re bowling, stop immediately! Continuing to bowl or ignoring the pain will only make any injuries worse. Take care of your body and you’ll have plenty of years of bowling fun to look forward to at Richmond 40 Bowl!