Bowling Makes a Great First Date!

Is there any romantic ritual as loaded as the first date? Proposals and weddings may come with a lot of pressure, but you have to make it through the first date to get there! Next time you’re thinking of asking someone out, skip the tired dinner-and-a-movie schtick and go bowling instead. Bowling makes a great first date! No, really; check out all the reasons why!first date

Bowling offers a built-in conversation starter, and since you’re not stuck at a table at a restaurant, there’s always something to talk about. You and your date can get to know each other in a fun environment without feeling pressured to come up with topics. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about each other just from playing–is your date laid back, ultra-competitive, or somewhere in the middle? Bowling will tell you.

Bowling is a unique date idea! An interesting date idea shows that you’re creative, fun, and not locked into the same boring ideas as everyone else. If neither of you have bowled before, you can learn something new together! If, on the other hand, your date is great at it, you can ask them to share their expertise.

And of course, there’s the question of money. Bowling at Richmond 40 Bowl is affordable without seeming cheap. You can pay by the hour or by the game whenever we’re open, and neither option is going to break the bank. When you’re planning your next first date (or fifth date or tenth anniversary), give us a call to check availability and let’s make this one great!