Bowling Benefits for Kids

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Finding the right activities for your kids can be a challenge. From sports to the arts, it’s not uncommon for kids to go through several activities before finding the ones that they really enjoy. As a parent, you also have to consider the practicalities, like: Is it safe? Is it in our budget? Is it good for my child? If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place, because bowling checks all of those boxes! Keep reading to learn the benefits of bowling for kids

Why Bowling is Good for Kids

Bowling is social.

Extracurricular activities give kids the chance to learn some of the “soft skills” that they wouldn’t otherwise get from reading a textbook or doing homework. Socialization is so important to child development, and bowling is the perfect way for your kids to meet people and develop those social skills. 

Bowling is affordable. 

As any parent knows, keeping your kids entertained doesn’t come cheap! Some sports, hobbies, and artistic disciplines cost a lot of money, from horseback riding and violin lessons to football pads and dance recitals. 

Fortunately for families looking for affordable kids activities, bowling is an inexpensive sport for kids to join. We have awesome youth bowling leagues for all skill levels, with low entry fees and minimal equipment costs. We even offer bowling lessons if your kid decides they want to take their bowling to the next level.  

Bowling is active. 

Another benefit of bowling for kids is that it’s active. It’s never been harder to get kids moving than it is today, with the lure of computers, tablets, video games, and streaming services providing a never-ending list of reasons to stay firmly planted on the couch. 

However, bowling is a FUN way to be active! While bowling is no substitute for high-intensity cardio workouts like running or swimming, it’s still better than sitting around at home. In fact, bowling can burn from 150 to 300 calories per hour according to researchers

In addition to burning calories, bowling builds muscles, especially in the arms! Bowling balls are heavy, so bowling regularly will help your child strengthen their biceps, triceps, and other arm, shoulder, and back muscles. 

Bowling builds brains!

Among its many other wonderful qualities, bowling is also good for the brain. Bowling frequently can help your child develop crucial hand-eye coordination and depth perception. It can also help kids practice their math skills through scorekeeping. Even with automated counting, kids still end up counting pins and judging angles to figure out the best move. 

Now that you know the benefits of bowling for kids, we hope you’ll join us at Richmond 40 Bowl! Our Richmond, IN bowling alley is the perfect place to come for casual bowling or competitive play. Keep practicing and let the good times roll!