Bowl a Strike with These Gift Ideas for Bowlers

Happy young man holding a bowling ball

Whether you’re shopping for gifts for the holidays, a birthday, or some other special occasion, you want to wow your gift recipient with an awesome present. If that person just so happens to be a bowler, you’re in luck. There are tons of thoughtful, fun, and creative gift ideas for bowlers, and we can help you find the perfect one here at our Richmond pro shop and bowling alley. Get ready to impress the mess out of your favorite bowler!

Gifts for Bowlers

Bowling Gear

If you’re shopping for a new or casual bowler, helping them get set up with the gear they need is a thoughtful gift. For example: 

  • Bowling shoes—so they don’t have to rent shoes every time they come to the bowling alley. Bowling shoes are available in a variety of styles, and you can even get custom bowling shoes made from their favorite type of sneaker! Check with your local cobbler or shoe repair shop… Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even learn how to convert Jordans to bowling shoes!  
  • Bowling ball bag—with or without a bowling ball. If you want to help a new bowler get more into the sport, buying them their own bowling ball and bag is a nice way to support them. However, even experienced bowlers with multiple balls will likely appreciate a replacement for their worn-out bowling ball bag. 
  • Bowling gloves, ball towels, tape, and grip bags are also great gift ideas. Consider putting together a gift basket with all of the little items that your bowler goes through regularly and might need to replenish or refresh!  

Bowling Gift Cards

Gone are the days when a gift card was seen as a cop-out gift. These days, more and more people are on board with the idea that gift cards are actually pretty great. And as more people try to consume less and minimize clutter in their homes, treating someone to an experience instead of an object is a welcome gift. 

Purchasing a bowling gift card from Richmond 40 Bowl is a convenient and fun way to give the gift of bowling—even for those hard-to-shop-for bowlers who already have all of the gear they want or need! You can purchase an e-Gift card online and even add a custom message to the recipient.  


Another sure-fire gift for a bowler is some cool socks! These days, you can find high quality socks in tons of fun colors and patterns. Opt for something bowling-themed with pins and balls, or tie in another interest—a favorite sports team, food, superhero, animal, or another hobby. Just make sure that the socks you choose are thick and absorbent so your giftee can wear them at the bowling alley.