4 Reasons To Buy Your Own Bowling Gear

If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy your own bowling shoes and balls, we won’t make you read the whole blog to find out – unless you want to! The answer is a definite yes! If you’re interested in why you should purchase your own bowling gear instead of continuing to rent bowling shoes and use the bowling alley balls, keep reading. We’ll give you the inside scoop from our bowling pros here at Richmond 40 Bowl.

Renting adds up.

Renting shoes doesn’t cost much at bowling alleys. It’s just $3 here at Richmond 40 Bowl. But over time, those small charges add up. You don’t have to be a hardcore bowler where you go multiple times per week either to see the difference. There are plenty of bowling shoe options in the $30 to $50 range, even a casual bowler will make back the initial cost fairly quickly.

Get exactly what you want.

Renting bowling shoes that are worn by several people per day is enough reason alone for some to opt for their own pair, even though they are sanitized between bowlers. However, buying your own bowling shoes also means you can find a better fit, higher quality, and more comfort which can impact how well you bowl.

This also goes for bowling balls. Don’t waste your time searching the racks for a good ball that fits your grip. When you buy your own bowling ball, you can have it custom drilled to fit your hand.

Focus on your technique, not the equipment.

Every ball and pair of bowling shoes is different, so getting your own bowling gear allows you to get a feel for them and know how they’ll respond. Therefore, it allows you to focus on your technique each and every time you bowl!

Optimize your game.

If you really get into bowling, you’ll eventually learn to optimize your game by choosing performance shoes tailored to which hand you bowl with. Your bowling game will be optimized with your own ball and pair of shoes in no time!
We’re always happy to discuss our favorite sport, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask the next time you’re bowling with us at Richmond 40 Bowl!