3 Creative Party Themes for Adults

Adulting is hard work. Paying bills, holding down a job, dealing with taxes, insurance, and all of the other boring tasks of being a responsible adult can sometimes grind you down. Why should kids have all the fun? There’s no rule that adults can’t celebrate their birthdays with enthusiasm, so why not treat yourself (or your friend/partner/sibling/coworker) to a fun, adult birthday party? We can help you make it a smashing success with our adult party packages. To take it up another notch, choose a fun theme. These creative adult party themes are sure to add some extra fun to your event. 

Adult Party Themes

Mardi Gras

It doesn’t have to actually be Mardi Gras to have a fun “Nawlins” themed party. Tell your guests to wear purple, gold, or green, and hand out colorful, metallic beads to jazz up their ensembles. Feathered masks, glittery accessories, and that classic green, gold, and purple color scheme make it easy to pull the theme together for an Instagram-ready event. And of course, no Mardi Gras party would be complete without drinks, so you’ll want to order some from our in-house pub, the 11th Frame Bar & Grill, from pitchers of beer to our weekly drink specials. For bonus points and added authenticity, a classic king cake is a must!


If you’re the type who’s never met a music festival or rave you didn’t like, why not channel those vibes into a cosmic bowling party? Cosmic bowling at Richmond 40 Bowl combines lasers, disco lights, black lights, and thumping music to create an exciting, club-like atmosphere for bowling and socializing with friends. 

If you’ve never been to cosmic bowling or a blacklight party, here are some tips on what to wear: 

  • White clothing will glow bluish
  • Neon colors should glow, the brighter, the better
  • Glow in the dark clothing, makeup, or accessories
  • Reflective tape can be used to add patterns and detail to clothing
  • Light-up accessories like blinking jewelry or glow sticks

Rat Pack Retro

If you love retro style, a Rat Pack bowling party is the perfect theme to combine with our Richmond bowling alley. Channel the mid-century Hollywood glamor of Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and others. Guests can dress for the theme in a host of different ways, from classic 50s/60s bowling shirts and sunglasses to fitted suits with skinny ties and fedoras to dresses in classic “fit-and-flare” or wiggle silhouettes. 

Whatever theme you decide on for your adult bowling party, we can’t wait to help you celebrate! Give us a call at 765-966-2641 to discuss your group event plans and make a reservation to secure your lanes today.