Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up for Youth Bowling in Richmond

Looking for fun and affordable kids’ activities in Richmond, Indiana? Check out our youth bowling programs or just bring your family in for a family bowling night and see how they like it. We’re always happy to share the love of bowling with a new generation. Keep reading to learn why bowling is great for kids and how to get your kids involved in youth bowling leagues.

3 Reasons for Kids to Learn How to Bowl

Bowling is one of the most popular activities in the U.S., but did you know that it’s not just adults hitting the lanes? 40% of kids in pre-school through high school go bowling at least once per year. Here’s why:

Bowling Builds Skills

Like other kids’ sports, bowling can help kids develop their hand-eye coordination, social skills, and confidence. But unlike many of the other sports and activities available for kids, no one gets benched in bowling! Even when participating in youth leagues, kids are competing against themselves to improve their skills. It’s all about improving your own focus, attention, stance, aim, and overall skills to perform better than you did before.

Bowling is Social

One of the most important parts of extracurricular activities for kids is the opportunity to expand their social circle and meet people from outside of their family and school. However, it’s not just the social skills practice that makes youth bowling a good choice. It’s also the fact that your child can end up making some great friends at the bowling alley. We’ve seen kids start out as Pee Wee bowlers and stick with bowling all the way through high school (and beyond). And that brings us to one more benefit of bowling for kids…

Bowling Makes Cents

Youth bowling leagues aren’t just fun, they can actually pay off. To start with, bowling is much less expensive to get into than many other sports. You don’t have to buy expensive uniforms or pads; just rent some shoes and use one of the bowling alley’s balls and you’re good to go. But aside from how affordable bowling is, your child could even get a scholarship from bowling!

The sport gives out over $6 million in scholarship funds to youth bowlers. Your child doesn’t have to be a pro to win a bowling scholarship, either. Many youth bowling scholarships are based on participation and character, not just skill.

Kids Bowling in Richmond

If you think your kids might like bowling, we’d love to meet you! We have a great program with youth bowling coaches who can not only take your child from learning the basics to honing their intermediate skills, but who also put a huge focus on sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork.