Bowler releasing a ball down an alley

Be a Better Bowler with Bowling Etiquette

Bowler releasing a ball down an alleyNext time you hit the lanes, make sure you’re using the proper bowling etiquette to ensure everyone has a great time. Here are a few key bowling etiquette rules:

    • Be Ready – Pay attention to the game and the bowling order to make sure you’re ready to take your turn when the time comes. It’s not fun to make everyone wait on you.
    • Mind the Foul Line – There’s a reason it’s against the rules to cross it. Stepping over the foul line can result in tracking lane oil all over the approach. This isn’t just unfun, but it’s also dangerous.
    • Yield to Your Right – If you’re up at the same time as the bowler at the lane next to you, the bowler on the left should yield until the bowler on the right is done. This is part of not intruding on the adjacent lanes. Basically, just make sure everyone has enough room to bowl and have fun!
    • Stay off the Approach – Unless it’s your turn, you should stay completely off the approach. Encroaching on the approach during another player’s turn is rude and dangerous.
    • Use Your Own Ball – Don’t use someone else’s ball or equipment without permission.

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