Improve Your Swing, Improve Your Score!

A good bowling swing could be what you’re missing to have a better game! If you’re not happy with the number you see on the scoreboard each time you bowl, it’s time to work on your swing. While you may be thinking it seems like a lot to work on, it truly isn’t! We have your back (and bowling arm) with 5 easy things you can do each time you bowl.

Here are our 5 easy things you can start doing next time you bowl to improve your swing and score:

Make sure the ball fits your fingers and is a good weight for you.

This isn’t a competition to see who can throw the heaviest bowling ball. It’s important to pick a weight that works for you and your swing! You don’t want anything to light so when you toss the ball down the lane, but also don’t want something too heavy that you can’t swing properly. Also, make sure the ball fits your fingers so you don’t injure yourself on your swing.

Bend your knees before you start.

Don’t lock your knees! Approach the lane with your knees slightly bent to remain in control of your swing.

Relax, don’t tense your muscles.

Keep calm, cool, and collected as you prepare to swing! Walk with confidence, and remain relaxed and confident throughout your swing.

Focus on the target.

Remember to keep your eyes focused on the target so your swing will follow!

Be consistent!

Do this each time you bowl and we know you’ll see a better score on the scoreboard.
Remember, when it comes to improving your swing, practice makes perfect. Come join us at Richmond 40 Bowl for open bowling! We can’t wait to see your improved bowling swing and score!