PBA Greater Richmond Open

Event Schedule

Saturday August 12th

Practice Session: 3pm-5pm

Orientation Meeting: 5pm

Pro-Am: 6:30pm​

Sunday, August 13th

A Squad: 9am
Top 12 Bowlers Advance (based on 48 entries)
Top 4 Players
Bracket Match Play (based on 48 entries)

Round 1 - Qualifiers 5-12 bowl (best-of-three games): 1:30pm

Round 2 - Winners bowl plus Byes: Immediately following

Round 3: Winners bowl (single-game):  Immediately following

Round 4: Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following

Finals format will be adjusted accordingly with less than 48 entries 

PRO-AM Handicap No Tap Tournament

Kyle Bigelow

Ronnie Russel

Dave Wodka